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Laura Manni 40K for 40 years Fundraiser for Mukwashi

Bridges of Peace and Hope is a 501 c 3 non-profit organization. We are connecting students through projects that promote respect and understanding by sharing our stories, creativity, hopes and dreams

Laura just had her 40th birthday in April. Her wish/dream is to help bring a high school to Mukwashi Trust School. Laura helped start the school in 2006 and has directed it's growth since then.  When Mukwash opened there were 90 students and 3 staff. Today, the school serves 380 students with 14 incredibly dedicated staff members, led by head teacher Mr. Judah Sikamikami. Although Mukwashi students are performing well above the national average, the school is in need of adding a high school in order to give these students a chance to live up to their potential and achieve their dreams. 

Your donation will help us help Laura achieve her dream.

I turned 40 this April and my wish for my 40th birthday is to help bring a high school to Mukwashi Trust School. Mukwashi opened in September 2006 - almost 10 years ago. We’ve grown from 90 students (grades 1-5) and 3 members of staff, to over 380 students (Pre-School to grade 9) and 14 amazingly dedicated staff (the first 3 are still with us!). 
There has been so much change. And challenges too. Right now, at the end of Grade 9, our kids are faced with the worry of where to go next. There are only 300 Grade 10 spots in the area and over 3000 kids graduating from grade 9. 
Help us to build a high school! The whole project* will cost over $200,000, but the first $40,000 will help start it all. Give what you can.
It will be the best money you spend today :)

All donations are tax deductible.

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