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Make Peace DVD

If I Wasn't Me, I Might Be You

Quilt Project: The Bridges of Peace and Hope Quilt

"These Are Our Hopes" Quilt Project

Haitian Community Development Project Haiti Trip 2009

Project to Raise Funds & Awareness for the Hudson Athens Lighthouse

Songs & Performances

Many Different Languages Concert

We Are Walking A Bridge of Peace Concert

Learn We Are Walking A Bridge of Peace

We Are Walking A Bridge of Peace DVD

Thula Sizwe South African Zulu Singers

John Singing the Thanksgiving Song "One by One"

Learn the Sign Language for the Song, "One by One"

Sing Along with the Song "Many Different Languages"

"How Would You Feel" in Concert with Kofi and Students

Joining Hands

Videos from Africa

John visiting Friends in South African Townships May 2011

Head Teacher Judah from Mukwashi School in Zambia About Importance of Bridges of Peace and Hope Pen Pal Connection

Amazing Dancers and Singing at HHC After School Program for AIDS Orphans

John singing with students from DeRust School in Grabouw South Africa.

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What Inspired the Creation of Bridges of Peace & Hope?

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Videos Submitted by Schools

Connecting Classrooms Podcast Builds a Bridge between US and Australia

Thomas Jefferson Elementary School in Yorktown Heights, USA