Build-A-Bridge Challenge

Picture of Build-A-Bridge Challenge


The Challenge: Create a “Bridge” that Makes a Difference 
Your bridge may be something you do with your teacher and others in your class or school, or something you do as an individual, or with a friend. Reach out and make a connection that will make others feel good, or do something that helps those who may be in need in:
★ Your school
★ Your community or area
★ Around the world
Follow These Easy Steps to Participate in the Challenge
1. Accept the Challenge by wearing the “Build a Bridge” Bracelet or contacting us  to order a bracelet or bracelets. Bracelets are $2-$5 donation each to BoPH
2. Tell us what you are going to do and when 
3. Tell us why you are going to do it Email to:
4. Send us your story about what you did, how it made a difference, and how it made you feel to take action Email to:
5. Include photos, or video of your “bridge” and we’ll post in on the web site 
Others may ask to join you or decide to try a similar challenge
Examples of Possible Challenges
• Send cards or letters to people in a local nursing home or hospital
• Choose a cause in school or your community and create flyers to inform others
• Have a clothing drive to collect gently used clothing for people in need
• Make a commitment to help someone every day
• Be kind to someone who is often excluded or treated unjustly
• Ask your school administration to start a recycling program in your school cafeteria
• Learn about a charitable group that helps students in need in developing countries
• Invite someone to play with you that you’ve never invited before
• Learn to sing a song in another language
• Come up with your own challenge and start a club