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Three years ago in 2014, John Farrell and a Bridges of Peace and Hope team including video producer Michael Donaghey, teacher Maggie Farrell, and friend Riley Feehan, climbed 19,340 feet to reach the summit of Mt.Kilimanjaro. They did it as an adventure and also to raise awareness and donations for the work of the non-profit Bridges of Peace and HopeBridges of Peace is connecting students around the world to promote peace and understanding through sharing our stories, music and creativity. The Kilimanjaro climb was the culminating event of the High Hopes and Common Threads Project. The banner you see in the photo was created for the project and included photos of more than 1700 children from 50 countries. Each child in the photos is holding up words or art that he/she contributed to tell us what they believe everyone deserves or what they hope to do to make the world a more peaceful and just place. We're still climbing and appreciate your help.