Bridges: Journal for Arts, Activism, and Awareness

Bridges: Journal for Arts, Activism, and Awareness gives students an opportunity to share their talents, passions, and solutions to world problems with one another.  Students from around the world are welcome and encouraged to submit original artwork, creative writing, calls to action, and issue-centered essays for publication. Bridges empowers students to speak out when they encounter injustice and offers a venue of self-expression centered on Bridges of Peace and Hope's founding principles of peace through participation, direct action, and artistry. 

The first edition of Bridges: Journal for Arts, Activism, and Awareness will be published in April 2019. Our theme for the inaugural issue is "Our Stories."  We invite students to share their personal truths, triumphs, and journeys in any form they takes. As you create remember, your life story is a gift, it should be treated as such. 

Questions and submissions may be sent to Communications Coordinator, Kelly Tyra at