Thula Sizwe 2012 Tour was a Success (Click for Info)

Picture of Thula Sizwe 2012 Tour was a Success (Click for Info)

The men of Thula Sizwe arrived in the USA on April 7, 2012 and were here until June 4. During this time the ten man group and their tour manager John Farrell visited schools, churches, public spaces, The Omega Institute, Won Dharma Meditation Center, The Guthrie Center, Club Helsinki, Roots Cafe Providence, the Himalayan Institute Honesdale, Highlights Magazine, the Staten Island Ferry Terminal and many other locations. All in all, they did over 75 performances in 56 days, and traveled more than 6000 miles in the aging van loaned to BoPH by Dr. William Field. They received lodging and meals from generous hosts every step of the way. The kindness and support given to the group and BoPH was extraordinary. The men were able to return home with money that would allow them to help their extended families and others in the communtiy. Our very deepest thanks goes out to everyone but very special thanks go to the following individuals and groups who went to great lengths to make this tour work. They are, in no particular order;

Ms. Carol Gans, Caroline Stewart, Bill and Nancy Ross, Ray and Juleen Flanigan, Tom and Gael Lynch, Kent L Brown Jr and Highlights Foundation, Len Cabral, Lee and Rose Saville-Andre, The Matthew Feehan Family, Steve and Louise Rome, Tom and Lynn Edgette, Pastor Jeff Braun and Cheshire UCC, Casey and Mary Kuhn, Maureen Tyra, Meg McLoone, Brian Fulp, George Brown, Ken Buescher, Mary Jain Dayger and Marty Winsor, Michael Donaghey, Craig and Gabby Sachs, Lorraine and Fred Cich, Ed and Chris Roberts of Roe Jan Auto, Joe Giulietti, Deep River UCC, Donna Smith, Ronan Conlon, Donna Walsh, Martha Congdon, Rev Janet Rushton-Smith and Reading UCC, Hopewell Reformed Church, Gaye Hoffman and Dr. William and Sue Field. Last, but certainly not least, Ann Marie Farrell.

There are not any current plans for the "next" Thula Siwe Tour but the men would love to return to the US. Their living conditions at home remain very difficult with oppressive unemployment in the 50-60% range in many township areas. If you know anyone that would be willing and able to sponsor a US tour Thula Sizwe want to come and we, BoPH, would be happy to help but we do not have the resources needed to coordinate another tour ourselves. 



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